Downtown Neighborhood Association

In general, Downtown is defined by the boundaries of the defunct Downtown Commission, and is bounded by the Whiteaker Community Council to the north, the Jefferson Westside Neighbors to the west and the south, and the West University Neighborhood to the south and the east.

Specifically, Downtown encompasses the area inside the following boundary:
  1. Beginning at the intersection of High Street and 13th Avenue
  2. North to 11th Avenue
  3. East to Mill Street
  4. North to 10th Avenues
  5. East to Ferry Alley
  6. North by an irregular line between tax lots at a point two tax lots east of Ferry Lane to Broadway
  7. West to Hilyard Street
  8. North to 8th Avenue
  9. Northwest to the Willamette River following the western boundary of the property owned by the University of Oregon
  10. Downriver to the northeast point of Skinner Butte Park and the Willamette River
  11. South and west along the south boundary of Skinner Butte Park to the center line of Lincoln Street
  12. South on Lincoln to the Fifth-Sixth street alley
  13. West to Washington Street
  14. South to the alley immediately south of Seventh Avenue
  15. East to Lawrence Street
  16. South to 13th Avenue
  17. East to High Street, including all tax lots immediately south of and bordering 13th Avenue