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Standard Specifications
Standard Specifications for Construction

The 2015 Oregon Specifications and City Drawings and Amendment #1 are required for all public improvement projects advertised by the City after February 2, 2015, and for privately engineered public improvement projects approved by the City after February 2, 2015.

The City amended Oregon Specifications and City Standard Drawings may be obtained by downloading the files in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format from this website. If you would like these .pdf files on CD instead of downloading them from the internet, you may request the CD by calling our office at (541) 682-5291. Cost is $5.00 plus $1.50 for shipping.

2015 Amendment #1

2015 Amendment #1 Adoption Memo

Specifications by Chapter

Part 00100 – General Conditions
Part 00200 – Temp. Features and Appurtenances
Part 00300 – Roadwork
Part 00400 – Drainage and Sewers
Part 00500 – Bridges
Part 00600 – Bases
Part 00700 – Wearing Surfaces
Part 00800 – Perm. Traffic Safety and Guidance Devices
Part 00900 – Perm. Traffic Control and Illumination
Part 01000 – Right of Way Development and Control
Part 01100 Water Supply Systems
Part 02000 – Materials
Part 03000 – Materials (Fencing & Compost)

Standard Drawings

Drawing Index
BR-Series Drawings
DET-Series Drawings
LS-Series Drawings
RD-Series Drawings
TM-Series Drawings

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